Homeland Security Book Review Club

By Dante DeAmicis

 The Homeland Security Book Review Club (henceforth “Homeland Security BRC”) is an effort to conduct public and staged discussions on books of ideas.  These will mostly be non fiction books.  Usually ideas are thin in fiction as that genre is focused mostly on entertainment.  Sometimes the “review” will be a composite of an essay, collections of fragmentary thoughts, and a video production, released on the internet and sent to public access channels.

 Why name the club after the Department of Homeland Security?  We think (actually just me) all serious ideas are dangerous.  I noticed that everything that is cool is either dangerous or expensive.  Therefore, if reading is to be cool it will need a dangerous outlet.  Literacy groups need to understand this or long attention span reading will fall farther and farther behind internet browsing.

 Since Homeland Security and the whole Patriot Act clique spent so much time snooping around library records to see what we were reading we’ll make it easy for them, by putting written and video book reviews and discussions on the internet.  That’s the angle anyway.  As the city of Clearlake already thinks my library is a meth lab it’s not too big of a stretch to portray anyone encouraging the study of serious books as a terrorist.

 I’ll see if I can get a link from Homy’s public relations flack so they don’t miss a single dangerous thought. I’ll also see if they have a sense of humor.  See you at Gitmo.

 Before I end this post I’m going to awkwardly inject some thoughts about the mother ground of modern conspiracy books  –  the JFK assassination.  We just had its 50th anniversary, prompting a spurt of new hack jobs and new editions of old classics on the subject. JFK conspiracy books have been called an industry but that term better fits the deep pockets corporate media and official government commission debunkers who can bill taxpayers to run their smoke and noise machine.  All the combined spending of the conspiracy writers would barely cover a week at a good bed and breakfast by comparison.

 The landscape of research is continually changing.  Witnesses continue to be discovered and interviewed, often at the end of their life.  Although many witnesses have died, many in power who demanded silence and made threats in the decades after the killing are also dying off.

 New technology is revealing new facts from old evidence.  This is filling in some of the gaps created by missing or destroyed evidence.  Because of the internet more public info is easier and cheaper to access.  More research can be done on a shoestring when you don’t have to physically travel all over the country and beyond.

 A library of JFK conspiracy books would have three sections.  The first section would deal with pure researchers.  Their only preconception is that the official story doesn’t wash.  They compile rooms full of file drawers that are being continuously opened and shut.  Essentially after their first book, subsequent books are revisions of that book.  If they make significant additions in some area they’ll give the book a new title.  Authors in this group include Harold Weisberg, Harrison Edward Livingstone, and Robert J. Groden.

 By far the largest group of people who have dipped their pens in JFK’s blood are those who had a passing professional involvement in the assassination.  This includes the medical, police, security, politicians, bystanders, media, technicians, and close acquaintances of the principals that were on the scene or in the mop up for a few minutes to a few months.  I would include professionals who felt they had to speak out on that part of the set up, knock down, and cover up process when it systematically differed from their training and experience even though they had no association with the November 22nd event.  Glancing over my shelf, I see books by Fletcher Prouty, Cyril Wecht, Barr McClellan, and James Fetzer would fit here.

 The third group are the conspiracy debunkers, notably the authors of the Warren Report, Vicent Bugliosi, and a couple of CIA shills. So called “objective” books belong here also since their objectivity usually doesn’t amount to more than omissions and snide remarks when it comes to disputed issues.

 Of course now that we have photos and documents galore you can jump into the conspiracy spectacle yourself.  Analyze the raw data and feel all the anguished testimony until you are foaming at the mouth and sputtering with rage.

 The tireless researchers say the truth will come out, implying their lifelong work will bear fruit. But the media corportocracy is tighter than ever because of journalistic emasculation and the continuing erosion of civil liberties.  So even if the truth finally comes out it will not be invited in, remaining on the outside with its nose pressed against the window of polite insider company.


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