Clearlake’s Zombie Candidates

I was planning to do a story where I picked out the City Council candidates who had something to say or had some experience standing up to the local goobertocracy. It didn’t work out that way. When the candidate list was final and the statements were filed what we got were the less-than-magnificent seven. There is no one worthy for the job. Certainly no one who deserves the City Council medical benefits that are more lavish than the much criticized Congressional perks.

Of course I have minimum requirements that exceed the legal micro standards posted for the two seats. I believe a contender should be well informed on the issues and have put in the time to be a tireless advocate for at least a couple – preferably on the right side. They should offer clearly researched alternatives and have promoted these alternatives in articles, speeches, and a well linked web site. A serious leader needs to read, write, and show up – everywhere, over and over….and on the internet. Sorry, but it is the 21st Century.

Battles have been fought here, mostly out of the gaze of our small town media. They are still being fought and will likely get nastier in the near future. Those worthy of a vote need to be prepared. When our civil liberties are under attack by a city that abuses its authority for political purposes a true leader will raise their voice. The lesser seven have been mostly silent.

We should have no patience for dilettantes who want to play at pretending to be City Councilpeople. These people would only be in the way and just delay moving Clearlake into a much postponed future. Who are these people?

Two of the candidates didn’t even submit a candidate’s statement. A third, Bruno Sabatier, has a statement but no e-mail contact. He’s the one with the oily patter who never sees any evil.

The incumbent, Joey Luiz, originally wanted to be liked by everyone until he found out that annoyed the people that counted. Now he just schmoozes up the good old boys.

Quincy Jackson appears to be running for the political equivalent of Miss America, espousing lofty sentiments while forgetting to include any boring details.

Our former second in command at the Sheriff Department, Russ Perdock, has made no effort to establish a different attitude about civil liberties from previous former officers running for Clearlake City Council. (see “Goober Rampage in Lake County”)

And finally, someone needs to explain to Michael Walton that the way pre California Map Act residential roads get paved is for residents in a neighborhood to form an assessment district for the purpose. Too bad that’s his only issue.

I guess I’ll have to provide the serious analysis of local issues all by myself. I’ll follow each issue blog with a video. If a candidate wants to make it a discussion they can contact me right after the blog. But I’m warning you, don’t show up unprepared. Its a discussion not an interview.

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