The Clearlake Disease

Any healthy organism exudes characteristics of vigor. A city is a type of organism. Like any organism, it can become diseased. It may show symptoms that never get better. In which case it has a chronic disease.

The city of Clearlake goes beyond even chronic disease. What few resources it has goes into attacking its own cells (citizens), mostly for the benefit of short term thinkers and people living in a past that never was. The nature of the malady has elements of autoimmune and parasitic diseases.

But where is the healthy body that this disease is attacking? There was never a town here before there was a city. A strip of resorts and support businesses called Clearlake Highlands served a declining tourist trade rolling off highway 53. There never was a center, heart, or soul to this largely seasonal population.

This promise of something that was never quite here was the basis of Clearlake’s only ongoing industry – selling trash lots in the hills with no services, roads, or clear idea when and how to get them. The Clear Lake area became a poster child for the California State Map Act, which put some limits on creating paper developments. We are still stuck with the old real estate schemes.

On closer inspection, Clearlake seems to not “have” a disease at all. It appears to actually be the disease – like a cancer growth, incorporating as a city to ward off outside defense mechanisms.

The perfect example of the Clearlake Disease is the challenged “no grow” ordinance for pot. Never mind that Clearlake has one of the poorest and sickest populations in the State. All attempts at a compromise were rejected by the goobertocracy. This is class war and those with power have the high ground. High IQ not necessary.

Since this issue is about naked power and not reason, the Council’s arguments do not have to make sense. The police said that every complaint they investigated had a grow in non compliance, implying that all medical growers were in non compliance.

It appears that because City resources are too thin to investigate all complaints, they would just abolish an activity necessary for some people. Of course this is an ad hoc reaction and not a reasoned response. I’m certain that if I pointed out that some roads in Clearlake are not drivable and unfixable, therefore we should ban driving on all roads, I would be thought mad. But the logic is identical.

A target class must toe the line on different and higher standards than their political betters. Our part time City Council members get paid $300 per month yet suck up a $2,000 per month medical plan for themselves. Critics who say some Council Members are just warming seats for a cadillac medical plan are accused of being cynical. But that same Council is indifferent to those who have to fall back on alternative therapies. They imply all of those kind of people are just growing pot to get high.

Shameless hypocrisy knows no limits in the ruling class.

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