Lake County Wants Lights Camera Action

So now we have an organization to promote Lake County to the mega film studios. The only concrete proposal I heard at the ribbon cutting event was an attempt to promote certain locations as scene destinations. Presumably if the big bucks studios aren’t interested in those locations pushed by local businesses and real estate interests then Lake County isn’t interested in their stupid movies.

I assume that an organization that serves the function of a producer “go to” group will also do the minimum of soliciting applications from people who want to be contacted by producers for background talent. These would include photos and be kept in a binder. If I were a location scout I would also expect to learn what permit hoops I had to jump through and what fees I had to pay to make a shoot happen. Most movies that shoot on locations are on tight budgets. “Sherman’s Way” shot in Lake County had a $350,000 budget.

If Lake County wants to stay on producers’ minds and short lists they need to develop a film/video culture here. We need to make it easy to see everything that is visually compelling, including all the tight shot gems. I suggest sponsoring a photo “Site” contest with GPS locations and upload all entries to a website. These sites can be less comprehensively promoted to the world through home grown video festivals. What about a forum to keep the discussion about movies and their future active? Ongoing exchanges tell outsiders that we are serious about what people need to create in Lake County.

The cool reception to a shouted remark about making zombie movies does not bode well for efforts to appeal to producers trying to create products that satisfy market tastes. If the Chamber of Commerce wants only movies that are focused on promoting Lake County they will have to produce those themselves.

Some of the projects mentioned can be pursued by myself and others through our websites and non profits. It would be a good idea to get some coordination to communicate who’s working on what.

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