Clearlake Scavenging Ordinance

Councilperson Bruno Sabatier asked for comments on the proposed Scavenger Ordinance.  Here are mine based on his “Issue Statement and Discussion” link.

ParagraphOne:  “….looking for recycling materials.”  Scavengers are not looking for most recycling materials. They are only looking for CRVs. They will not scavenge non CRV recyclables. The reason that property owners will not redeem CRVs is because 1) The redemption value is too low (historical) and 2) Three out of the four redemption sites in Clearlake have closed down, creating long travel distances and sometimes long wait times at the surviving redemption center at the Grocery Outlet parking lot. This is the reason that the CRVs are in the trash to begin with. This is the cause of the problem. The scavengers are the scapegoat. The cause of the problem will remain.

Paragraph Two:  “….get the funds to buy the alcohol from scavenging recyclables….”   You will not turn alcoholics into tea drinkers with an anti scavenging ordinance. Many out of desperation will join the hundreds of thieves that are victimizing Clearlake residents, including me. I would rather have people scavenging than ripping me off. People usually don’t do both. Point to ponder:  Robbery rates out of control is bad for tourism. Maybe this should be the focus for any new ordinances.

Paragraph Four: “….not seeing ‘sketchy’ people…” are the operative words in the sentence ending in “trash bins.” Since addressing government CRV failure would completely deal with scavenging in bins in the first place, the real reason for the ordinance must be “the sketchy people.” If the council were hot for a true causal ordinance they would propose an ordinance making CRVs in bins an “attractive nuisance.” The smart money says this isn’t going to happen.

The needs of Clearlake include the needs of all residents. No segment of the City should bare the burden for government short sightedness and class agendas.

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